YSS Pyramid Salt Cellar Gift Set

YSS Pyramid Salt Cellar Gift Set


Our special addition gift set includes a unique Yorkshire Sea Salt Co. Pyramid Salt Cellar, a handmade salt spoon made from British beech sealed in rapeseed oil and a 100g Eco-Pouch of Yorkshire Sea Salt, all package in a ridged kraft gift box with navy zig zag filling.

We have limited stock available for Christmas but will take pre-orders any additional orders however delivery for Christmas cannot be guaranteed.

The Collaboration

Yorkshire Sea Salt Co. approached local Yorkshire ceramicist Lorna Gilbert to create a bespoke piece that was functional as a salt cellar but represented the brand as well as the wilds of the North Sea and the Yorkshire Coast.

The pyramid shape represents the crystallised shape of sea salt, with the dark textured interior mimicking the bedrock and the glazed outer reflects the sands edge meeting the waves.

Each piece is slightly different being handmade, hand decorated, and hand glazed.

Lorna’s work explores the relationship between matte and gloss glazes as well as their interaction when mixed during firing. This creates tension and fusion, hinting at unseen boundaries as well as reflections and shadows.

Lorna creates handmade white stoneware ceramics that are both functional and beautiful.

Lorna’s fine art and textile background created a fascination with texture, inspired by wilderness, the ocean and mountains.

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