Our Story

We are the first salt house to produce sea salt in Yorkshire since the neolithic era.

Restoring a 6000 year old local tradition.

We are the first salt house to produce sea salt in Yorkshire since the neolithic era. Our aim is to reinstate a long-lost local tradition to the area using modern methods of production that have a low environmental impact and produce the purest, 100% natural, mineral rich sea salt.

Created by the Earth, harvested by us.

Sea salt has been forged by the Earth for millennia, infusing it with ancient minerals and nutrients that benefit our all-round health. Formed off the rugged, geologically unique coastline of North Yorkshire and fed by nutrient rich seagrass meadows and ancient kelp forests, our pure, hand hauled sea salt has a mineral structure unique to our coastline.

100% natural sea salt, nothing else.

We care deeply about protecting the rich eco-systems in our seas. It is our aim to reduce our environmental footprint at every stage of production from sea to store; from energy efficient processing methods to bio-compostable packaging.

orkshire Sea Salt North Sea Waves

From sea to store: How our sea salt is made

Mother Nature starts forming our sea salt in the rough seas off the rugged North Yorkshire coast, then we take over, using modern artisan methods at each stage to ensure a perfect, pure product. First begins the waiting game, we only harvest the fresh North Sea water when it is at its highest salinity, this can often take days of waiting for just the right time. Better put the kettle on…

Triple Filtered

We then triple filter the waters through varying micron filters in order to remove any solids such as sand and shell deposits, before passing the water through a UV light to destroy any remaining organic matter.

The Pan Room

The filtered waters are then passed into our evaporating boiler where we slowly reduce it down to a highly saturated brine. It’s then pumped into the Pan Room where we gently heat the brine until salt pyramids begin to form on the surface.

Once the surface tension becomes too much, the pure salt flakes fall to the bottom of the pan and are ready to be harvested.

The Drying Room

The final stage takes place in the Drying Room, where the pure salt crystals are drained and spread into trays to begin the drying process in our drying ovens.

Yorkshire Sea Salt Algea Rocks
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